Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Locks

Love locks on the Pont des Arts bridge, Paris.

I first noticed it in Paris: thousands of padlocks both big and small, locked tightly to the Pont des Arts bridge and covered in what at first seemed like graffiti. Once I came closer and inspected a few, I realized that each lock had two names written on them, and often a date as well. They were love locks!

A bit more modern than carving your names in a tree, I've now spotted love locks in Paris, Berlin, and Wroclaw. The tradition is to paint each person's name onto the lock, along with the date you met or were married, clasp the lock to the bridge, then throw the key into the flowing river below, as a sign that your love for each other will never end. Isn't that romantic?

The Tumski Bridge in Wroclaw, Poland.

Several news reports stated that local governments wanted to rid the cities of these supposed "eyesores" but have been unsuccessful thus far - lovestruck visitors simply start the tradition right back up again. I personally think it's a wonderful way to declare your passion for someone, and think it might be a fun practice to bring back to the States. Maybe the Brooklyn Bridge needs some decorating?

Love locks on the Tumski Bridge.

Does anyone know of any other fun lovers' traditions? 

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